Three Tips For Having A Unique Wedding Cake Created For Your Big Day

7 November 2016
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If you are getting married, you need to take the time to choose a cake to serve at the wedding reception. Many brides do not realize that their cake does not have to look like every other wedding cake that they have seen before. The guide below walks you through a few ways you can have the most unique wedding cake possible on your wedding day.

Have Multiple Flavors in One Cake

You do not have to limit yourself to one flavor of cake when having a wedding cake created. You can now choose to have each tier of your wedding cake be a different flavor or even have multiple flavors within each tier. Some flavors will not meld well together so take the time to taste all of the flavors individually and together to see which ones pair well together.

Have a Unique, Custom Design Created

When choosing the look of your wedding cake, take the time to consider what things make you and your future spouse unique. You can have those elements added to the cake to make it completely customized for the two of you. It is possible to have two completely different design elements added into one cake by having one side of the cake icing look as if it is being peeled back to reveal the second design that appears to be hidden underneath. This can be a great way to pair a more traditional look with a more modern twist.

Don't Be Afraid to Take a Modern Approach

Many people do not realize how many amazing things can now be done with wedding cakes. You can have your wedding cake spin and rotate, light up, or even shimmer with crystals. The baker can sketch a design for you to allow you to see what the cake will look like when it is finished. Take the time to consider what other decorative elements you plan to have in the reception space to ensure that your cake will be able to stand out as an eye-catching element within the room.

If you want to have an elaborate cake made for your wedding, it is important to meet with the baker as soon as you can so that you can start bouncing ideas off of one another right away. Be open minded because the baker may have a few tricks up their sleeves that you may not even know can be done with cakes.