Are You Celebrating Your Daughter’s Sixteenth Birthday?

28 July 2018
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If your daughter is turning sixteen years old, she's more than likely so excited that she can hardly stand it. For one thing, this might be the year that she will get a driver's license. Perhaps she has been waiting until her sixteenth birthday to go on her first date. While she is full of excitement, you might be feeling a bit melancholy. After all, turning sixteen years old more than likely means that your daughter will soon be graduating from high school and going away to college, or even getting her own apartment as she starts a job. Read More 

Three Important Reasons To Consider Outsourcing The Management Of Your Next Corporate Event

23 June 2018
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Hosting a large corporate event can be beneficial to your business. Some corporate events are for employees only, allowing employees from different departments or offices the opportunity to interact and get to know one another. Other corporate events are held for both your employees and clients, allowing you to better establish the relationships between the two. If you are planning on hosting a corporate event, you have a big decision to make. Read More 

Why You Should Hire A Bartender For Your Backyard BBQ

6 May 2018
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When hosting a backyard BBQ, you might normally put a few beers in a cooler or provide liquor and mixers for your guests to make their own drinks. You might even prepare the drinks for your friends and family members when they come to your backyard BBQ's. You might have never thought about hiring a bartender to come and serve drinks to you and your guests but doing so can be a good idea. Read More 

Wedding Venue Considerations

15 April 2018
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If you are in the beginning stages of planning your wedding, then you may want to work with a wedding planner. They will help you every step of the way, which can cut down on some of that frustration that will be a normal part of the process. However, whether or not you decide to go with a wedding planner, the big decisions are still going to be up to you. Read More 

Are You Taking Your Preschool Class To The Pumpkin Patch? 3 Tips For A Successful Field Trip

7 February 2018
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As a preschool teacher, you have a wonderful opportunity to provide each student in your class with new experiences that expand their understanding of the world. Field trips are one of the best ways to accomplish your mission, and you look forward to the chance to celebrate fall this year with a trip to the Halloween pumpkin patch. While you can definitely look forward to giving your class hands-on experiences that deepen their love for nature in a field full of pumpkins, you can also use these tips to ensure that your field trip goes off without a hitch. Read More