Key Questions To Ask When You Are Choosing A Theater For Your Next Meeting Or Social Event

30 May 2017
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When you need a unique area to host your next event and banquet halls, conference rooms at hotels and similar temporary rental spaces are not appropriate for your needs and expectations, it's a good idea to consider hosting it in a nearby theater. That option often provides more comfortable seating and fabulous acoustics for almost any event. Therefore, when you are determining where you want your event to occur at, you are likely to find that asking the following questions of each possible venue is a good idea. 

What Scheduling Options Exist?

In recent years, it has become more popular to see many different events occurring in a theater setting. For instance, support groups, church meetings, and even the occasional wedding have occurred in theaters.

As a result, you might be competing with one or more other groups and if the timing of your event is not precise, problems could occur. In order to prevent any unpleasant issues down the road, it is best to be as clear as possible as to your expectations of the time you will need the space for. If possible and if your budget permits it, it might behoove you to consider paying for extra time that you are not sure you need, if experience has taught you that previous meetings have exceeded their expected amount of time.    

Is The Facility Non-smoking And Cleaned Before Your Arrival?

Even though the majority of places in the United States now limit or prohibit smoking, it's best to verify what is and is not permitted in the space you're renting before committing to its use. The same is true of how both the room you're renting and the overall facility is cleaned.

Unfortunately, some facilities don't allow smoking during the day, but after hours employees might indulge in that habit. Since you will be sharing what might be recirculated air for a significant period of time with both the people in your meeting and other rooms within the facility, it's crucial to make sure that the space within it is safe. Given that the number of people who suffer from allergies and asthma have increased dramatically in recent years and common triggers for both are smoking and the chemical fumes associated with many cleaning agents, it only makes sense that being pro-active to keep everyone in your group healthy is essential.   

In conclusion, finding an appropriate and interesting place to hold an important event is not always easy. Fortunately, some theaters provide lovely rental spaces for a wide variety of events and asking the above questions will help you to choose the right facility for your needs and budget.