4 Ways To Mkae Your Trade Show Booth Get Noticed

20 May 2017
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Trade shows provide excellent marketing opportunities because those in attendance are specifically seeking the products and services that businesses like yours have to offer. However, similar businesses will be competing with yours, so it's important that your booth captures attention and interest. Following are some strategies designed to get your trade show booth noticed in a positive way by potential customers and business contacts.

Focus on Clarity

If people can't discern at a quick glance what products and services your business provides, they'll most likely move on to something that they recognize. Your signage and other visuals should be clear, concise, and leave no question concerning the type of business you have. Any attention-getting special effects or promotional items you choose to use should be relevant to your business. Use bright colors to attract attention, but don't let your booth decor get too busy. Make sure the lighting is good and that your signage can be seen from all angles.

Use Interactive Elements

Incorporating interactive elements into your trade show booth encourages engagement among potential customers, which in turn translates to a higher sales volume. Interactive touch screens offer a good way for many businesses to offer an interactive experience. If possible, offer special deals or discounts to those who take advantage of an offer available for purchase at the show only. Contests and raffles are another good way to create an interactive environment and generate interest in your products and services.

Have Prepared, Trained Employees

Make sure you brief your employees well before the trade show starts. If you can, have a rehearsal to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Staff the booth with your best and brightest employees, and consider implementing a sales contest with fun prizes to make the event enjoyable for them -- it will show in their interaction with potential customers. Make the grand prize something of value rather than just a token -- your staff represents your brand, so show your appreciation for a good job with a nice prize.

Follow up on Leads Quickly

Begin following up on leads generated by your booth immediately after the show. The longer you wait, the longer the contact has to forget who you are. If possible, set up appointments right at the show itself.

Always remember to be hospitable to those who enter your booth, even if you suspect they may not be in the market to buy. Creating a good impression never hurts, and it could lead to positive things at some point down the road. Talk with exhibit builder services for more information on making your booth come to life.