6 Ideas For Raising Funds For Your School's Baseball Team

6 December 2016
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Fundraising for your school's baseball team takes ingenuity. Not only do you have to worry about raising the funds that your team needs, but you have to worry about competing against other fundraisers that are being held within the school. Here are some ideas for raising the funds needed for your baseball team while standing out from the crowd.  

  1. Sell trash bags. Most people think of candy bars and car washes when it comes to fundraising. Although those are great ideas, selling a unique item, such as trash bags, can help you stand out. The bags are a necessary item for every household that you can market as way of supporting the team. 

  2. Host a movie night. You and the baseball team can host a baseball-themed movie night. You can make it a fun experience by selling snacks that are normally sold at baseball games and even having the players help out while dressed in full uniform.  

  3. Rent out players. For a set fee, you can rent out players to parents to help with chores. For instance, the players can agree to mow a buyer's lawn, clean the car, or any other task that the parent needs performed.  

  4. Host a camp for young players. Young players from around the city could benefit from the experience that your baseball team has. Your players can hold classes on everything from pitching to running the bases. The camp can be only a day or you can extend it to a week to earn even more. 

  5. Sell customized fan gear. Parents and fans of the baseball team will jump at the chance to buy customized gear, such as sunglasses and water bottles, featuring the team's logo. Chances are, a local print shop can help with cutting the cost of customizing the gear so that the team can make a nice profit. 

  6. Offer gift-checks. Instead of raffling gift cards, your team can sell gift-checks to parents and fans. The checks are available in a checkbook that can be used at certain merchants throughout your city. With the cooperation of local merchants, you can raise money and draw additional interest to your team. 

There are many other ways that you can raise funds for your school's baseball team. Consult with an experienced fundraising service or brainstorm with parents of the players to find ideas that are unique and that can be easily implemented by the players and safe for all to participate. For more information, contact a business such as The Elson Company.