Tips For Saving Money On Event Tickets

29 November 2016
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Whether it's a concert, sporting event, or other type of show, event tickets often require an investment of cash. Fortunately, there are ways to save money on a night on the town. The following tips can help you get a legitimately good deal on the event tickets of your choice.

Tip #1: Look for matinees

Some recurring events, like theater shows, offer a discount showing or a matinee at least once during the run. This can save you more than half of the normal ticket price, depending on the matinee discount. Matinee shows may not be available through online ticketing agents, however. Make sure you call the ticket office and find out all showings available so you can stop by to pick up the matinee tickets if they are an option.

Tip #2: Skip the service charge

There is usually a service charge for printing e-tickets or asking that the tickets are mailed to you when you order online. Instead, choose to pick up the tickets at the will-call booth before the show. You can usually pick up tickets days in advance if you don't want to be waiting at will-call right before the show. Also, check the service charges for online ordering carefully. Some services may charge fees depending on your payment method or simply because you are ordering online. Sometimes you can avoid these charges by ordering over the phone, downloading their app, or buying the tickets in person.

Tip #3: Know when to buy

Certain events are prone to selling out – you can usually guess which events these are from past history in both your city and others. In these cases, buy your tickets as soon as you go on sale so you won't be forced to get tickets with an inflated price from brokers or scalpers. If an event isn't likely to sell out, especially concerts and sporting events, then wait until right before the show to get tickets. Often, the ticket office and possibly even brokers will lower the price dramatically in an attempt to fill seats or offload the tickets. You can score a major deal, but you have to be willing to risk the fact that the show may sell out.

Tip #4: Watch social media

Sometimes discount vouchers or codes are given out for events. This is especially true for family events. Follow the event organizers and the venue pages on social media, since these discounts are usually offered there first. In some cases, discounts may be offered as soon as the event is announced, which means you need to start watching before tickets even go on sale.

Talk to an event venue or ticketing agency for more help.