4 Tips for Planning a Baby Shower for Yourself

11 November 2016
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For many women, baby showers are a rite of passage and an excellent way to celebrate an unborn child. While it is becoming more acceptable for a woman to throw a baby shower for herself, many people still expect someone else to throw a shower for a pregnant woman. However, there are many reasons why you may throw your own shower, such as if you recently moved to a new town or simply want greater control over your shower. Below are some tips for successfully throwing your own baby shower. 

Select a Neutral Venue 

Instead of hosting the shower at your home, consider a neutral location such as a church rental hall like Divine Hall of Grace. This way you will not have to prep your home for guests when you are eight months pregnant, and you will not have to worry about whether your nursery is ready or whether your living room can comfortably hold your guests and their gifts. 

Try to Find a Co-Host 

Even though you are throwing your shower yourself, you should consider trying to find a co-host to help you out. Not only will this make planning and organizing easier, but it will also help you avoid negative comments from more traditional guests who follow the general etiquette rule that baby showers should be thrown by someone other than the mother. You can offer to pay for the cost of the shower and do most of the work, but find a friend or family member to send out the invites and field questions from guests. 

Leave Registry Information Off the Invite 

If you are sending out your own invitations, then you should leave your registry information off of the invite. Including your registry information may make it seem like you are throwing the shower just to receive gifts. However, you should still create a registry and have your information available in case any guests call to ask what you would like for a gift. 

Keep the Event Small and Intimate 

Baby showers tend to be getting larger in size and more extravagant, sometimes competing with weddings and other large events. However, keeping your shower small makes it easier for you to organize. Additionally, it will allow you to spend time with each of your guests in order to get advice and share your excitement about your baby. Also, it is a good idea to keep your shower brief, providing a late lunch or brunch treats as opposed to a full meal. This will give you plenty of time to rest and recover from all of the attention.