Hosting A Race Car-Themed Birthday Event: Four Ideas To Consider

8 November 2016
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Race-car-themed birthday parties can be fun for guests of all ages. If you are looking to throw a unique birthday party for your little speedster, here are just some of the many ideas you can put into place at his or her birthday party to take the event successfully to the finish line.

Create A Pit Row Entrance

Set the tone for the party by creating a pit row-style entrance. Place a stack of used tires on each side of the doorway, and add balloons and checkered flags to the top. You can also tape or staple signs to the front of the tires to let everyone know they've arrived at the right place. If you don't have any tires in your garage that need to be recycled, you may want to consider reaching out to your local tire shop. You may be able to purchase old tires that are ready to go to the recycling plant.

Plan For Entertainment

While you might not have room to put a racetrack in your yard, you can still keep party guests entertained while keeping with your theme. You can get a car-themed bouncy house from your local party rental company for use at your party, If you do have a bit of extra room, particularly in a large paved driveway or parking lot, you may even want to consider renting a few go-karts your guests can use to hold races at the party. If you have the budget and space, you can also rent a bumper car track and car-themed carnival rides for a more extravagant yet fun experience.

Have Fun With Themed Foods

There are lots of opportunities to have fun with a race-car-themed party. You can serve hot dogs in traditional plastic deli baskets along with checkered flag deli paper, and you can create condiment trays filled with ketchup, mustard, and relish to look like a traffic signal. Mini chocolate donuts stacked in a tray with a few checkered flags for garnish can double as tiny tires. Even if you can't come up with themed foods, you can set the table to create a fun race car theme for your party's meal. Consider using alternating red, green, and yellow tablecloths in your buffet area, and purchase some spare lawnmower tires at your local hardware store you can stack to create a centerpiece at each table. Opt for black disposable plates, and add a pop of color to each table with red, yellow, and green napkins on checkered tablecloths.

Create a fun race car-themed party with just a bit of creativity, some basic supplies and a few party rentals, and watch the birthday boy or girl delight in the fun theme of your event. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Ken Rent.