Fun Additions To Add To Your Country-Themed Wedding

1 November 2016
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If you plan on getting married in the near future and you selected a country theme to wow your guests for your ceremony and reception, you are most likely in the process of looking for unique ways to show off your selection. There are several fun ways to incorporate "country" into your wedding. Here are a few ideas to toss around in an attempt to help you pull off the perfect country-inspired event for your guests.

Select The Right Venue

The best way to get your theme across to others is to select a rustic wedding venue, such as Rolling Meadows Ranch, rather than a traditional wedding hall. If you intend on having an outdoor event, it can be held in a location where an old barn is situated on the property. This will instantly put guests into a country mood, helping to enhance other additional touches you use for your selected theme. If you would rather host the event indoors, selecting a location where the rustic feel is already present will help boost your theme well. An establishment with history, lots of wood, and subdued lighting will work great at letting your country theme shine.

Dress Up The Area

To give your wedding a country feel, use decor associated with this theme. Boxes and jars can help with this task. Set several crates or wooden boxes on a table to lift up items you wish to share with others. Drape pieces of burlap over the boxes to give the showcasing area a rustic feel. The crates or boxes can be used to hold photographs of you and your significant other for guests to look at during the reception.

Mason jars also work well as country decor items. Use pieces of ribbon around the mouths of several jars to dress them up a bit. Place candles in each one and leave them on tables for favors for guests to bring home after your event has ended. Alternately, use mason jars to dress up your ceremony. Stick several wildflowers in each one and hang the jars from tree branches or on guests' chairs.

Add Some Tasty Treats

To help get the country feel across to guests, consider setting up a lemonade stand or candy bar. A lemonade stand can be set in an outdoor setting for guests to stop by and get a cool drink as they take in the activities going on at your reception. Ask one of your friends to serve guests cool glasses of lemonade from an old wooden wagon or cart. Tuck a cooler behind this structure with additional lemonade to place in pitchers when needed.

A candy bar would fare better in an indoor setting. Select one color scheme and purchase old-time candy of all types to set into glass containers. These can be presented on a table for guests to view. Add small goody bags to the table, and guests can pick out some of their favorite treats to bring home to enjoy at a later time.