Cool Floral Ideas to Brighten Your Bachelorette Party or Wedding Venue

1 November 2016
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If you are getting ready for a wedding or bachelorette party, don't forget the flowers! Flowers are a festive touch to any party or get-together, and the bride will appreciate the effort when admiring the beautiful blooms. Integrate some inventive floral ideas into your bachelorette party and create some magic in your wedding venue with these festive flower suggestions:

Use your shoes for a unique twist. A great way to highlight a handful of fresh flowers is by using a shoe, typically a high-heel, to show them off. First put a piece of floral foam in the shoe to hold the stems in place. Trim the stems so that the flowers conceal the foam and fill the inside of your shoe. Tie a ribbon around the heel if you wish!

Arrange in a cocktail glass. A martini or wine glass makes an excellent vessel for a small floral arrangement. You can use a handful of marbles with water in the glass to hold fresh flowers in place, or you can use a piece of water-resilient floral foam to hold stems in place; if using foam, consider tinting the water with a couple drops of food coloring to camouflage the look of the foam through the glass.

Create corsages for your guests. Instead of spending money on fancy floral arrangements, buy wholesale blooms and make wrist corsages for all of your party guests. Go a step further by adding a personalized ribbon or trinket for each individual.

Treat your guests like royalty. Another alternative to arrangements is to prepare floral crowns for each of your guests, which will make everyone feel like royalty! Use an easy tutorial to create natural-looking crowns to wear during your party and to take home after as a one-of-a-kind party favor.

Repurpose your cupcake stand. If you have a cupcake stand taking up space in your kitchen cabinets, this is the time to pull it out! A cupcake stand is the perfect way to display a lot of individual bud vases or rose bowls. Put one tiny vessel on each platform and give one to each guest as a favor when they leave. Most cupcake stands hold ten or twelve individual arrangements.

Don't forget the flowers at your upcoming bachelorette party or wedding; these really bring a celebratory touch to any gathering! Use these suggestions and talk to florists and wedding venues like The Manoa Grand Ballroom for more ideas on how to arrange your flowers.